We are a body of Baptized Believers united by our love for the Father, His unique Son Jesus who is the Christ, and for one another!  We are inspired and empowered by the Word of God, confidently standing on and hopefully awaiting the promises of God. In addition, we are motivated by our love for Christ to share the Gospel whenever and wherever we are given the opportunity to do so!

Established in 1889, our goal at Central is to passionately and effectively exalt, encourage, educate and encounter individuals and families with the truth of God’s Word. Our point of view is scriptural, spiritual, sound and socially relevant. Our greatest hope and desire is to help someone establish or reconnect an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. We also want to help others discover and walking in the purpose for which they were created by God.

At Central we accept the reality of living in rapidly changing times! People are challenged on every side and many find their faith shaken to its core. In order to overcome these challenges and maintain power, confidence and clarity, a time tested truth is necessary. We believe the Word of God is the inspired and tested truth everyone should turn to. This is a place where Christ is Central in Worship, Word and Witness! The warmth, worship and Word are refreshing and transforming. If you have visited before, do come again!

Where Christ is Central in Worship, Word and Witness!

Our Mission…

To Worship God in spirit and truth; To build up our faith through the truth and power found in the Word of God; To lift the name of Jesus Christ in our daily Witness to others throughout the local community and the world…